Two rustic cabins

Cabin 1, provides shared sleeping space for up to 8 people on the main floor and an open loft. The kitchen is equipped with a propane stove, oven and wood heat. A large deck overlooks the lake.

Cabin 2 is a sleeping cabin with two lower bunks and two upper bunks.

Both cabins have ramp access.

Outdoor cooking and fires

A gathering area, adjacent to the main cabin’s deck, includes a fire pit. Enjoy a campfire, roast marshmallows or do all your cooking outdoors.


Not far from the main cabin are two spacious wheelchair accessible outhouses. Now this is camping!

Waterfront access

Head down to the lake along wheelchair accessible trails equipped with railings. We recommend able-bodied people accompany wheelchair users to and from the waterfront in case assistance is required. A guide rail at the base of the railings will also assist visually impaired visitors.