Youth Reach Program

People In Motion wants to create a more caring community by  creating awareness about   some of the challenges youth and adults  with disabilities face.

As part of our “Youth Reach” program we go to schools  and organizations  and do presentations  to the students to raise awareness.

Staff  and two members  who have disabilities tell “their story”  to  students. We also bring our Para Transit bus and  students enjoy being in a wheelchair and trying to wheel on to the lift and being raised up. They  can also take turns trying out our “Trail Ryder” an off road wheel chair. The presentation and time outside takes about 45 minutes.

The intent of these presentations  is in a positive upbeat manner to  get students thinking about people who have disabilities and  some of the challenges they face (accessibility/inclusion).

If you would like People In Motion to come to your school or organization let us know.

Youth can also get involved through our Peer Mentoring Program